Nothing Screams “Freedom” Quite Like Sactionals

For this Independence Day, we give you the freedom to choose. Choose your covers, choose your setup, choose your look.

You may have heard it said before, but Lovesac’s Sactionals are the only washable, changeable, comfortable, durable, movable, stackable, stockable, shipable, packageable, cleanable, livable, and extremely customizable furniture on the planet. With so many options, where do you begin? How about looking at some of our favorites?

Taupe RhinoplushOne of our highly recommended Sactionals covers is our Rhinoplush. This material comes in three colors: Taupe, Seawater, and Chocolate. Each of these colors are a neutral and are sure to match just about anything. When it comes to durability, this fabric is everything but bullet proof. If any material was made to fit your day to day, it is this one.

Melon VelvishFor those who are known for standing out, we have Sactionals for you. Our custom Melon Velvish covers are perfect as an accent piece in a room. This Sactionals setup is a definite conversation starter, and why wouldn’t it be, it’s the only furniture of its kind!

Freedom CouchIn light of Independence Day, Lovesac brings you the Freedom Couch. Nothing screams patriot more than this Sactionals setup. Not only is this custom Sactionals setup great for an American themed room, it is also among our most comfortable.

Cosmic Royal VelvetLast but not least, have a look at our Cosmic Royal Velvet four cushion chaise. This fabric is such a mellow color that it can almost fit in any room. The piping on the edges of all the pieces gives it a very sleek look, unlike anything else.

How do you express your furniture freedom?

We would like to hear what your dream setup looks like! Comment below and tell us how Sactionals can help you express your freedom of choice!


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